How To Wear Your Workwear On Weekends

How To Wear Your Workwear On Weekends

Once upon a time, you'd work the same job at the same company for 20 years.  These days our ever-evolving job landscape can often mean switching jobs frequently or finding ourselves working from home or in a different capacity to what we have in the past.  While that's great for variety and diversifying experience, at some point you'll know the pain that comes along with having to dress according to the workplace culture that you're currently in. As a result, you may find yourself collecting outfits that don't necessarily suit where you currently are in life - call it a wardrobe identity crisis, if you will.  But with a few simple tricks, you'll be able to integrate your archived "workwear" back into your current job and expand its use to weekend wear!

Tips to wear your workwear on weekends:

1. Add Jeans

The quickest way to transform the tone of any outfit is to simply - add jeans! Whether they be the ripped kind, the distressed kind, the coated kind, or the more polished kind, jeans add an air of accessibility - they say, I made an effort, by I'm not trying too hard! Team corporate style floral blouses with a pair of ripped jeans for the ultimate in everyday elegance.  "Jeans and a nice top" is invariably the answer when we aren't sure what to wear, and it's now also the perfect way to style those pretty blouses and silk shirts outside the office. 

Lisa wears:  Chalk Floral Silk Blouse by David Lawrence , Jeans by Zara.

Lisa wears: Chalk Floral Silk Blouse by David Lawrence, Jeans by Zara.

2. Add a Jacket

Introduce a new element to your outfit in the form of a jacket, cape or coat.  Floral blouses look great when teamed with an edgier element such as a leather jacket or military style blazer.  

A statement coat can also add a fun element to your look. Try to stay away from the typical suit jacket that you'd pair with your pant suit or skirt and instead have some fun with texture, shape and colour! 

Lisa wears:  Floral Print Shirt by David Lawrence , Coat and Jeans by Zara.

Lisa wears: Floral Print Shirt by David Lawrence, Coat and Jeans by Zara.

3. Switch Up The Shoes

Shoes maketh the outfit, right? Well in broadening the versatility of our workwear we have to start from the bottom up. Ditch the heels and done some sneakers and flats to walk your corporate look out of the office and into the cafe.  Knit dresses, wrap dresses and shirt dresses are the perfect candidates to be dressed down with a simple change of shoe; sandals, sneakers or boots being an easy go-to for weekend comfort.

4. Accessorise

If your "workwear" is a little on the dull side, all hope is not lost. Plain white blouses and shirts can be transformed with the simple addition of a statement necklace. Go big, bold and bright for a summery casual look or add some sparkle for a glitzy night on the town. 

What are your tips on wearing your workwear out of office hours? Let us know in the comments below!

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