HelloFresh Review

HelloFresh Review

Dinnertime.  Yes, that pesky time of day that keeps appearing on the regular; when we're somehow meant to whip up a healthy, tasty and nutritionally balanced meal in between finishing work, sitting in traffic, organising the family, running errands and preparing for the day ahead! Whoa,  I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

Well, I may have found the answer to taking the stress out of mid-week dinners.  For the past few months I've been trialling HelloFresh: a meal-kit delivery service that provides everything you need (apart from the chef) to enjoy healthy home cooked meals.  

How Does HelloFresh Work?

HelloFresh works on a weekly subscription basis. There's a few different options to choose from depending on how many people you would like to feed (2 or 4) and how many meals per week you would like included.  I opted for the classic box which contained five meals for two people.

Each week they publish the menu for the week ahead so you get a sneak peek of what to expect, but best of all, you can decide to pause your delivery at any time or switch to a different plan (classic/vegetarian/family).  This is particular handy if you're going away on holidays or simply feel like a change.  

What To Expect With Your Delivery?

HelloFresh boxes are delivered free to your front door on a weekly basis during the delivery timeframe you select. Mine arrived bright and early on Saturday mornings to greet me as I woke up.  But if you can't be home when it's delivered, there's no need to stress as everything is packaged securely inside an insulated box along with cool gel ice packs to keep food fresh. 

What's In The Box?

Inside each HelloFresh box you'll find all the ingredients needed to cook your meals (excluding some basic pantry staples like oil, salt/pepper, sugar etc).  Each meal is also accompanied by an easy to follow recipe card. And by easy to follow, I mean easy to follow for even the most novice home cook! No tricky Masterchef techniques requiring 100 steps, 3 hours in the kitchen and years of culinary training...just easy processes with step by step instructions and photos. Simple!


What Are The Ingredients Like?

All of the ingredients I received in my HelloFresh boxes were fresh and sourced from local suppliers.  Meat was of a high quality and expiry dates gave enough time to cook with. Additionally, there was always plenty of variety each week with vegetables, herbs and salads, and best of all, the ingredients are exactly proportioned for the meals you are cooking  - which means no wastage! 

How Do The Meals Taste?

All of the meals I cooked from my HelloFresh box were well-proportioned, extremely tasty and had a nice variety of ingredients.  I found that I was getting a lot more veggies into my diet compared to if I had just been relying on my own repertoire of go-to recipes. Did I mention they also do healthy versions of pizza, tacos and burgers?!



Overall Thoughts

I loved the overall concept of HelloFresh, whereby I can get everything I need to make healthy home cooked meals delivered straight to my door.  There was no need to plan out my meals or go shopping for ingredients and all the recipes were easy to follow and contained a great balance of fresh veggies, herbs and salad. I enjoyed the fact that I was not only trying new dishes each night, but also expanding my cooking skills with easy processes that I could continue to use in future.  Whether you live alone or are cooking for a family, there is definitely some major time-saving to be had by using HelloFresh...and you may even find yourself looking forward to cooking dinner!  

** If you'd like to give HelloFresh a try for yourself, use coupon code 'LISA40' to get 40% off your HelloFresh order! **

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