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Tips To Make The Most Of Daylight Saving Time

Spring signals the transition into warmer weather; a time to get more active, clear out the clutter and revamp those wardrobes. Best of all, for parts of Australia it's also time to "spring forward" and enjoy an hour of extra daylight each day thanks to daylight saving time.  

As we know, time is precious and there is so much that can be done with an extra hour of daylight, so read on for our top tips to make the most of daylight saving time:

The Perfect Pavlova Recipe

The classic Aussie Pavlova...what's not to love?! A delicious combination of crispy outer meringue shell and soft marshmallow inside, topped with whipped cream and decorated with fresh fruit.  Yum!  And while there may be some debate over who actually created it (Australia vs New Zealand), I'm sure we can all agree, it's the perfect summer dessert to serve at an Aussie Christmas, BBQ, afternoon tea, morning tea, Australia Day celebration...or anytime, really!

Lunch Break Glam

Let's face it: life is busy! In between work, family and social commitments, it can be difficult to find the right balance and more importantly, time to schedule in some much needed glam time.  Spending full days at the salon or spa is not always an option when working long hours in the office, but if there's one thing a busy girl knows how to do, it's make the most of what little spare time she has available!  So, when you're short on time, look no further than Collins234 - it's got everything you need for go-to glam, all in the space of a lunch break.